5 Tips on how to prolong the life of your lashes

Some quick handy tips we all should be doing to prolong the life of your lashes before your infills:-

1. When removing your eye make up, use a cotton tip to run across the lids of your eyes to remove any eyeliners, shadows etc and run a clean mascara wand under water and brush through your lashes to clean.

2. Try to avoid wearing any mascara. If necessary use a water base mascara only if you HAVE to wear it however just put it just on the tips. DO NOT use waterproof mascara, trying to remove that from your lash extensions will hurt ALOT, so go for an extra infill and keep your lashes full rather than mascaraing them up.

3. Avoid any oil products around your eye area. Fact: Any sort of oil will break down the glue used for lash extensions, so to be safe avoid the eye area.

4. Do not perm, tint or try to curl them as this will break the lash extensions and can damage your natural lashes.

5. Within the first 2hr of having your lashes done do not get them wet.

Final tip… Be gentle with them, if you don’t pull, rub or pick they should last anywhere from 3-5 weeks depending on how quickly you shed your natural lashes.

Beauty Box xx