Terms & Conditions

Make a booking
When making a booking we require a $25 deposit.

New to Beauty Box
If you currently have any lash extensions on from another salon, we are happy to infill on the lashes if they are done up Beauty Box standard. Please contact us first as we may need to remove existing lashes and reapply a new set.

Cancellation policy
We understand life is busy and due to unforeseen circumstances you may not be able to make it to your appointment. In the event of this happening and you may need to change or alter your appointment, we appreciate that you provide us with 24hrs hours notice to give us a chance to fill in the appointment. Less than 24hrs notice will result in the $25 deposit not to be refunded.

Arrive on time
Please arrive 5 minutes before treatment as Beauty Box will ask you to read through and fill out a consultation form before starting the procedure.

Late arrivals will risk their appointment time being reduced to respect the next scheduled appointment.

Gift Vouchers
Conditions of Beauty Box Gift Vouchers

  • Treat gift voucher like cash & kept in a safe place.
  • Gift voucher will not be replaced, refunded or redeemed if voucher is lost, stolen or altered in any way.
  • 50% of value will be deducted for cancellations without 24 hours notice.
  • 100% of the gift card value will be deducted for not showing to booked appointment.
  • Vouchers are valid for 45 days from date of purchase.
  • Voucher is for Beauty Box procedures only.
  • One voucher per person on any deals.
  • Expired vouchers will not be honored or extended.
  • Purchases exceeding available balance require difference paid by other method.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Beauty Box retains the right to change any terms contained in these Terms & Conditions at any time.
  • Beauty Box can post gift vouchers or you can pick up

Unhappy with your treatment
Beauty Box takes pride in what we do, if for any reason you have any issues within 3 days of appointment, please contact us and we will address any concern, free of charge.

Beauty Box Loves Referrals
If you refer a friend that books in for a treatment and pays in full, make sure they let us know that you referred them and YOU will received $10 off your next treatment.