FAQ – Eyelash Extensions

Does the application of eyelash extensions hurt?
Certainly not, it is a pain free procedure. You lay down and your eyes are shut and a lash technician applies single eyelash extensions to a natural eyelash not touching skin whatsoever.

Can I get eyelash extensions if I wear glasses or contact lenses?
Absolutely, eyelash extensions does not affect your contact lenses in anyway. If you wear glasses the technician will assess this and put lengths on your lashes that will not get in the way of the glasses.

When having colours / glitters put on lashes do you do the whole eye?
The most popular style with colours is having 10 coloured lashes on the outer side of the lash and keeping it really subtle, the colours really show in the sun and look fantastic.

Full sets of colour lashes are less popular but are really used for dance routines, costumes & special events. Extra charges apply.

Do I need to wear mascara when I have lash extensions?
No mascara needed, eyelash extensions can be as thick as you want them. You can have them looking like your just wearing mascara or a more dramatic look. We suggest you don’t use mascara, however if it is absolutely necessary we recommend not using the waterproof.

How do you remove the eyelash extensions if I don’t want them anymore?
Eyelash extensions will fall out naturally with your natural lash cycle, this may take up to 4-6 weeks for them to be fully removed. Alternatively you can come back to Beauty Box and we have a glue remover that breaks down the solvent bond and we remove the lashes, again pain free. This can take up to half an hour and charges may apply.

Are they like strip party lashes that you get in supermarkets or pharmacies?
No, these are totally different, these are individual eyelashes that are applied to your natural lash by a professional technician.

Will they damage my natural lashes?
Absolutely not if the are applied and cared for correctly, as long as you find a fully qualified technician and don’t pick them and pull them out you will be fine.

How it works? Your natural eyelashes cycle and fall out and grow new hairs on a regular basis, this usually occurs every 4-6 weeks, when having eyelash extensions, providing they are done correctly, a single extension will be attached to a single natural eyelash so when your natural eyelash is ready to fall out your extension will too.

Can I still wear other eye makeup?
Of course, just when removing use a cotton swab and be very gentle.

Are the eyelash extensions allowed to get wet?
Avoid getting them wet for the first 24hrs but after that you are good to go, do everything as you normally would, just remember to be gentle when drying your eyes.

I have had eyelash extensions done by another technician and want to book in for an infill with Beauty Box is this a problem?
It is not a problem, however Beauty Box would want to assess the quality of the lashes first before infilling, this may involve removing the set and putting a brand new set on, extra charges may apply for this, contact Beauty Box to discuss further pricing.

What if I have little to no eyelashes could you still do eyelash extensions on me?
It depends on how many natural lashes you have, because the extensions are applied to the natural lashes an individual must have some natural lashes for the procedure. contact Beauty Box for a consultatation.

What is the difference between the natural, full & glamour sets of lashes?
Glamour Set Lash Extensions
For a more dramatic, made-up effect (ideal for film/theatre/models, or special events like weddings) This is every natural eyelash is lashed and ideal for those women who want to enhance their natural eye look for a more dramatic look by intensifying eyelash thickness, longer length, volume and adding colours & glitters in too.
Full Set Eyelash Extensions
Is a whole lotta fabulous, these give you the look of wearing fantastic mascara all of the time. This could be anywhere from 80-100 per eye. This is ideal for those women who want to enhance their natural eye look by intensifying eyelash thickness, length, volume and maybe add some colours in too.

What are 2D-6D Russian volume lash extensions?

Volume lashes / Hollywood lashes / Russian Volume lashes are the newest technique in the lash world, founded in Russia. This technique is to provide as much volume to your lashes as possible in a way that does not overload or damage the natural lashes, this new technique promises the most amazing results and gives you a the most perfect lash extensions. The eyelashes used are superfine and incredibly light, allowing 2-6 lashes to be applied per natural lash to create a fan that is grafted individually to any type of natural eyelash, depending how voluminous you want your lashes you can end up with 100-600 lashes. The  results last longer than classic eyelash extensions due to the amount of lashes that is applied their light weight.